Bioceanics is an innovative foodtech company on a mission to transform the omega-3 industry. With our enzymatic and non-enzymatic technologies, we are revolutionizing sustainable omega-3 solutions and creating a positive impact on both the environment and market demand.

Bioceanics offers groundbreaking solutions and technologies that address the challenges of traditional krill oil omega-3 production, which is often unsustainable and environmentally harmful. Our enzymatic technology provides a revolutionary process for sustainable omega-3 production, while our non-enzymatic technology ensures enhanced extraction with superior purity and quality.

Key Features

Enzymatic Technology
Our proprietary enzymatic process enables sustainable and eco-friendly omega-3 production, setting new standards in the industry.
Non-Enzymatic Technology
We utilize advanced non-enzymatic methods to extract omega-3 with exceptional purity and quality, meeting the highest standards of excellence.
Revolutionary Solutions
Our innovative approaches provide sustainable, vegan-friendly alternatives to traditional omega-3 sources, reducing environmental impact and meeting market demand.

Product/Service Offerings

Our flagship product, Biokrill, offers a bioequivalent to krill oil omega-3 without capturing krill crustaceans. We provide algae-based Biokrill omega-3 for sustainable and plant-based solutions, as well as fish oil-based Biokrill omega-3 for an authentic omega-3 experience with environmental consciousness.
Lysolipids Cosmetics
We offer omega-3 enriched extracts for cosmetics under the brand Lysolipids Cosmetics. These extracts unlock benefits such as enhanced skin health, anti-aging properties, and nourishment, enabling our clients to thrive in the cosmetics industry with omega-3 innovation.
Lysolipids API
Our PURE Omega-3 for APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) caters to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. By incorporating omega-3 into medication and healthcare products, we aim to improve health outcomes and tap into exciting market potential through strategic partnerships.
Market Impact

Bioceanics is positioned to make a significant impact on the global omega-3 market, projected to reach USD 17.6 billion by 2030. We address the need for sustainable and vegan-friendly solutions, offering superior quality products that differentiate us from competitors. Our innovations have the potential to reshape the industry and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable food ecosystem.


Clara Bartra
CEO and visionary leader with extensive experience in technology and industry.
Pedro Alvarez
CTO and expert in sustainable food production, leading our cutting-edge research and development efforts.
Advisory Board
Our experienced advisory board comprises industry veterans who provide strategic guidance and support.
Partnerships and Collaborations

Bioceanics has established key partnerships with industry leaders such as Aker Biomarine, Orkla Health, BASF SE, and more. These collaborations enhance our market traction, provide testimonials of success, and enable us to leverage strategic partnerships for market expansion.

Achievements and Milestones

Successful Pilot Projects
We have conducted successful pilot projects to demonstrate the effectiveness and scalability of our innovative solutions.
Industry Recognition
Bioceanics has been recognized for our disruptive technology and commitment to sustainability, receiving awards and accolades within the foodtech industry.
Funding Rounds
We have secured investments to support our research and development, marketing efforts, and scaling operations.
Future Plans

Bioceanics aims to expand geographically, capturing global market opportunities. Our focus on continuous improvement and new product development will drive further growth and innovation. We will strategically build brand awareness, foster customer adoption, and forge new partnerships to propel Bioceanics to the forefront of the industry.

Contact Information

Photo by Jasmin Schreiber on Unsplash
Photo by Jasmin Schreiber on Unsplash

Amapola, 3 Tres Cantos. Madrid, Spain.