Venture Building Programs

We are a venture builder studio that partners with leading academia & research centers to transform cutting edge science into successful businesses. Our team of experienced entrepreneurs develops spin-offs in the foodtech sector, bringing innovative solutions to meet the most pressing industry challenges.


Target: Academia, research institutions, tech centers, clusters…



The transfer of technologies and the provision of technological services during its development.
Entrepreneurial talent and drive innovation in Europe.
Economic growth
Advancement in the industry, and positive social impact.
A portfolio
of companies with the potential to achieve ROI in 5-7 years.


Technological Evaluation
Evaluate the technological portfolio of the institution.
Identify promising and high-potential solutions.
Technical and Market Due Diligence
Assess market viability, scalability, and business potential of the selected technologies.
Embryo Development
Form interdisciplinary teams with entrepreneurs, experts, and professionals.
Utilize the technologies to design robust and market-ready solutions.
Create a spin-off simulation: business plan, pitch deck.
Spin-off Launch
Leverage Ivoro Ventures' expertise in business strategy, market access, financing, and operational support.
Facilitate the creation of startups or joint ventures with industry partners.
Spin-off Growth
Take part as co-founders with "skin in the game" in the spin-off strategy and decision-making implementation, with full support in early stages, developing the business and bringing in investment.
Photo by Jasmin Schreiber on Unsplash
Photo by Jasmin Schreiber on Unsplash

Amapola, 3 Tres Cantos. Madrid, Spain.